We understand that medical practices face many challenges. We often get many questions about how to tackle these challenges and what resources are available. This is a list of some of the more frequently asked questions and answers that may assist your practice on deciding if outsourcing is right for you!

How do I know if outsourcing my medical billing is right for my practice?
There are several reasons to consider outsourcing. If you are a new practice outsourcing is a great alternative to the hiring process. In addition, more employees on site means a     larger practice space which equates to higher rent, more overhead with employee benefits, and more headache for HR with increased staff.

What are the benefits to outsourcing medical billing?
Benefits include faster and more consistent reimbursement, billing staff that is trained and current on all coding practices, a back office team of billing staff that are dedicated to       your practice, focused attention on your account without the disruption of clinic, cutting edge technology available with certified trainers for you front office, practice                           management software that scrubs your claims ensuring clean claims submissions, and many other benefits

How does outsourcing work?
Your staff will be fully trained on how charges are transitioned from your practice to our billing company partner. We customize training and processes to your practice. Each           practice has a dedicated account executive that is their point of contact for questions regarding their account and your practice administrator, office manager, or provider are           provided monthly reports on your practice’s health and progress. All our account executives and billing team members are employed in the US which means you outsource but     we don’t!

What is the cost of outsourcing billing?
We tailor a specific plan for your practice needs. Our practice assessment allows us to determine what is best for your practice. This is usually based on a revenue percentage.

What is the cost of consulting?
Our first hour of consulting to determine your needs is at no cost to you. During this time we will discuss your needs and what best suits your practice for optimum efficiency and     profitability. Please contact us for fees for practice consulting.

What is Virtual Office Management?
Wouldn’t you love to have a turnkey approach to starting a practice? With US MED Billing and Consulting we can make it happen. Minimal administrative space for your                     receptionist and clinic space is all you need. We can take care of all your practice needs.

How do we outsource our HR?
We all know that one of the most difficult challenges for any company is dealing with employee issues. Let us be you HR Department. From hiring, discipline, and terminations         to company policies and employee hand books we will guide you through all the issues HR brings and make your office run smoothly.

What Practice Management software solutions do you offer?
We partner with advanced MD to bring you the post cutting edge technology in medical practice management software. Their robust system for claims, scheduling, collections,     and reporting make their software the best! We have certified trainers and will help your front office staff and administration through the implementation process. This web-               based solution offers transparency for our clients giving them the ability to see their progress.